Brotherhood Outcasts

These former members of the Midwest Brotherhood deserted under the command of Knight Captain Weston. They were meant to be the primary spearhead of the Midwest’s push into the northwest but as they crossed the cascade mountains Weston spilt the spearhead into many smaller parties and relayed a message of desertion back to the despotic leaders of the Brotherhood, declaring him and those under his command independent elements who refuse to attack and enslave innocent people.

Players who choose this faction as their starting faction start the game with the following package:

Brotherhood Fallen

Raised in the Midwest under the Brotherhood your early life was one of safety and of work. Your may have been simple settlers or traders or perhaps even knights themselves, once you were plucked from them it no longer mattered. Drilled and trained in the skills of warfare and technology you were forged into an initiate and brought up to hold the ideals of the Brotherhood. That was until the Midwest Brotherhood revealed a hidden cell of the Enclave. The Enclave became the priority target of the Midwest brotherhood and on the eve of victory they fell back and seemingly disappeared. At a feast celebrating the monumental effort of removing the enclave the entire council of elders was killed by a nuclear failsafe left behind by the Enclave. The new council was made up of young and impressionable elders, Midwest residents and Enclave deserters. They slowly turned the mission of the Brotherhood in the Midwest to conquest and reclamation of technology.

The fallen started out as a small cell of like minded leaders who were shocked by the shift in the mission of the Brotherhood, they began to plan a way to strip the new warmongering elders of power and control. Until the elders revealed their plan for taking back Alaska the plan was a non-violent coup. As the elders informed the ranks of the plan to burn their way north behind a scout force the Fallen changed tactics, they were intent on being in the spearhead in order to turn it around and ram it into the heart of the corrupted Brotherhood.

Weston is the leader of the Fallen, elected to Elder after the Cascade Schism. Your choice to follow him may have been one of simple loyalty to a great leader, or perhaps a plan to gain glory and renown for fighting against those who tried to turn you into a monster. Each Fallen has their own reasons, but their loyalty is to Weston and the mission of fighting the Midwest, if they tried to go back to the Brotherhood they would be executed and the punishment for expressing doubt about leaving is equally high.

Apply all of the following to your character:
Skills: The Character gains the skills Science and Energy Weapons .
Talents: The character gains one of the following:

  • Technical Knock
  • Total Recall
  • Sound Constitution
    Equipment: The character starts with all of the following:
  • Rucksack
  • 5 Purified Water
  • 1 Laser Rifle and 8 Microfusion Cell Reloads
  • Carapace Chest-plate
  • 3 MRE’s
  • 1 Knife
  • Combat Fatigues

Brotherhood Outcasts

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